क्र.सं. नवाचार और प्रयोग वर्ग विषय उद्देश्य सीखना शुरू परिकल्पित सीखना उद्देश्य एहसास है या नहीं पदनाम के साथ अन्वेषक का नाम
1 Improving vo cabulary in English through assembly All classes & English To make students acquainted with few new words and usage of it Realised Mrs. Sushuma P.V, PGT(English)
2 Improving vocabulary in Hindi through assembly programme All classes & Hindi To make children learn few new Hindi words. Realised


3 Developing awareness on Environment All classes & Biology Each child to bring on plant on his / her birthday Realised  
4 Develop Gardening skill among students Class - IX - VIII WET Make students develop garden in a given area Realised


5 Quiz Development project Class XI & XII, Computer Sci. To make students perfect in practical and aware them how online quiz software work. Realised Mr. Mahesh Chand Pal, PGT(CS)
6 Students listen to radio news or watch T.V. news, write the news and the news in the class.  each student gets at least one opportunity to read the news in a week. but it is compulsory that they must watch / listen and write the news Class VII & VIII (English) To develop listening skill and to improve their presentation skill, to enhance their interest in general knowledge and current affairs Realised Miss. Soniya Joseph TGT(English)
7 In spoken English classes, each student talks on a given topic - in turn a student a day and max. time - 5 minutes & min. time - 3 minutes. Class VI, VII and VIII (English) To improve their speaking skill, to express their views in their own words Realised Miss. Soniya Joseph, TGT(English)
8 Theme of the week like wile life day I to XII Students will get more information about the particular theme. Realised  
9 Word of the week VI to XII The word related to the library, will help the students to handle easily the library material Realised  
10 Compilation of Information on current topics from news VI to  XII Information on various subjects will be easily accessible to the students within a limited space Realised  
11 Write a report about the work of grain seller and discuss with him about varieties of grains and their price and reason for cheap and high price for different grains VI SST To understand the work of a grain seller and know varities of grains and used for our life Realised  
12 Write a report about the historical parts of worship specially about "Vishnu temple" "Malik deenar mosrue" and "Church" in kasaragod and got information when these were built and who was the builder and why they built. VII SST To learn the architect style, and material that used in these historical parts of worship understand the process of worship in temple, mosrue and church. Realised