CMP Initiative


Minutes of the meeting held on 05.11.2016



  • Demo class

  • Coverage of syllabus

  • Library

  • FA-3

  • Review of Panel Inspection

  • Record of FA-2 and FA-4 Activities

  • BAlDiwas

  • Cubs-Bulbuls Day

  • Workshop on 19th November 2016



Minutes of the meeting to be held on 22.10.2016


  • Demo class


  • Coverage of syllabus

  • FA-4 activities

  • Correction/Reading cards

  • Library

  • TLM

  • Panel Inspection




  • Subject committee meeting              :9.30-10.15

  • Demo class                                        :10.30-11.00

  • Preparation of activity worksheets  :11.20-12.00

  • FA-4 activities                                      :12.30-01.30

  • Library reference                                :1.40-2.20

  • Completion of record                         :2.25-3.10



CMP Report - APRIL 2014

  1. Recapatulation strategies were followed by teachers to test the knowledge,understanding level of reasoning& problem solving.
  2. CCE for classes I and II was conducted and evaluated.Oral testing and observation is emphasized. 
  3. TLMs for the month of April was purchased and distributed. TLMs are being used effectively by the teachers to make the lesson more attractive and interesting.
  4. Interaction method and activity method are followed by teachers
  5. CCA activities are carried out as per the planned schedule.
  6. Worksheets are being prepared to provide students with better understanding and enhance competency based learning.
  7. Teachers of class III to V were provided the grade sheets subject wise for entry of FA1, FA2. SA1, FA3, FA4, SA2
  8. Morning assembly for primary classes is conducted for 2 days in a week and mass paticipation is encouraged.Value based programs are also presented by students in the special item.
  9. Film show is being carried out as per the time table to entertain students and provide them value based learning.
  10. CAL and TAL lessons are carried out by teachers.
  11. Enrolement of Cubs and Bulbuls with registration has been done for this academic session. Weekly one classes are held.